Welcome to Quality Restorations & Street Rods

The shop is housed in approximately 4500 square feet of shop in two buildings. We do everything from chassis work to sheet metal fabrication & repair including high quality paintwork and final assembly.

With about 80 years of total experience among our staff , we are dedicated to doing only the highest quality work. Whether it is a Pebble Beach type restoration, a Street Rod or Hot Rod worthy of the Oakland Roadster Show we are up to the task.

Quality is the most important feature of any restoration. We work each project on an individual basis to achieve the level of historical accuracy desired by the vehicle owner.

Through the combination of age-old hands on techniques and the latest in high-tech metal working equipment, any metal working project is within our capabilities. A 1952 Pullmax machine, two air hammers, ERCO Shrinker/ Stretcher, a 44" cast English Wheel, Brake, Shear, Tig welder, ETC.

Special attention is given to properly repair any existing rust, and preventing future rust from occurring. Doors, hoods, and deck lids are carefully fit and aligned to operate well and look pleasing. High quality fillers and primers are applied at appropriate stages.

Our body shop is equipped with the latest in vacuum sanding systems. The final step is a trip into our Paint Shop with its Air Filtration Spray Booth and its own Forced Air 500,000 BTU Furnace. So the New Urethane Paint Systems can be applied - No mater what the weather!

Just like building a house, a car needs a good foundation. In our Fabrication shop, we have a 4' x 12' surface table that is drilled and tapped for 32 Ford fixtures. Starting with two bare, outside Frame Rails the complete chassis is assembled on the table. This assures accurate dimensions from start to finish. Frame rail boxing, all cross members, front & rear suspension, steering, brake master cylinder bracket, engine & transmission, even exhaust can all be done right on the table. Personal service is unmatched! Our staff has the experience and expertise to make your dreams of owning that special vehicle a reality.

Let us restore a car for you!